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Why Recycle?

Recycled printer cartridges, are a practical and inexpensive way to reduce overall waste and increase efficiency.

Letís say your current ink cartridges run out of ink. Normally, you just throw them into the trash and go out and purchase a new one, right? This is where you can make the first change. The first way you can help the environment is to recycle your printer cartridges.

The next time you find yourself running out of ink, donít just pick up any cartridge to replace the old one. Instead, buy a recycled ink cartridges from us. They are cheaper than the new cartridges and you are helping preserve valuable resources and energy by doing so. you wonít even notice a difference in print quality. You can be good to the environment and your bank account in regards to printer cartridge purchases.

All you need is to try something different and youíll be saving money and going green all at the same time!

Thatís a hard combination to beat.

You save money and again, conserve the environment.

Here are a few good reasons to recycle your printer cartridges:

  1. About 8 cartridges are thrown away in the US every second.
  2. Every cartridge reused is one less thrown into our landfills.
  3. In North America alone, over 350 MILLION cartridges per year are discarded in our landfills, and that number increases 12% every year.
  4. It takes about a gallon of oil to make a new laser cartridge.
  5. Every remanufactured cartridge saves nearly 3 Ĺ pounds of solid waste from being deposited in the landfills.
  6. Remanufacturing cartridges reduces pollution. Almost 90% of empty cartridges are incinerated or dumped in landfills.
  7. 70% of used printer cartridges throughout the world are being thrown out

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